New! We now offer asceptic sample collection for pathogen testing

Due to several requests this last year, we can now pull your sterile samples for microbiological testing.  These samples can then be tested by us or you can send them to another lab of your choosing.

NEW! Bulk tank cultures, and whole herd culturing for common pathogenic/mastitis causing bacteria

While we are still new to this kind of testing, we do offer testing for identification of mastitis causing pathogens.

Individual cow milk weights
We have over 120 well maintained Tru-Test meters that can weigh up to 110 lbs of milk at one time! We calibrate them once a year, as per DHIA certification requirements. At a time where feed is so expensive, producers need to know what their cows are producing so they can group them correctly.  Among other things, this information is also used by breeding associations for proving bulls.

Somatic Cell count
Somatic cell count (SCC) is a main indicator of the quality of milk. Somatic Cells can affect the quality and quantity of milk that a cow produces. Being able to pinpoint the problem cows and finding the cause of the high cell count is important to every dairy.  It could be just mastitis in the udder.  It could also be a contagious pathogen that could spread to the whole herd if left unchecked. Now we can help you diagnose if it's a bacteria causing a rise in somatic cell counts.  

Butterfat, Protein, Solids and MUN
Our lab can also provide the percentage of butterfat (PCTF), protein (PCTP), Solids (PCTS), lactose (LACT), & milk urea nitrogen(MUN)- also known as non protein nitrogen (NPN). These percentages have several uses in calculations together with the milk weights



Milk pregnancy testing

​Pregnant cows are profitable cows

Add the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test to​ routine milk-quality samples* to:

  • Identify open cows accurately and easily
  • Confirm pregnancy as early as 28 days postbreeding and 60 days postcalving
  •  Avoid additional animal handling and labor
  • Confirm pregnancy with confidence
  • Rely on accuracy similar to palpation and ultrasound†
  • Use trusted ELISA technology for reliable, laboratory-based results
  • Work closely with your veterinarian to develop a reproductive management program to implement a proactive and preventive herd health program

Pregnancy drives performance for dairy and beef operations. Improved pregnancy rates mean greater profitability. Two factors greatly influence this performance: the timing of pregnancy detection and overall herd health.

Identifying open cows early and accurately after breeding and calving results in shorter calving intervals. In turn, shorter calving intervals mean increased milk production, a more uniform crop of calves, as well as more efficient rebreeding and the early identification and removal of subfertile cows.
Overall good health is the best indicator of optimal reproductive performance. Cows that are compromised by diseases such as BVDV and Johne’s have lower pregnancy rates and increased abortion rates. That’s why assessing and maintaining herd health is critical to reproductive efficiency.

IDEXX tests make it easy to detect pregnancy early and conduct routine pregnancy confirmation to optimize reproductive performance. The IDEXX pregnancy tests detect pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) to determine pregnancy status. The tests are accurate and convenient complements to routine palpation and ultrasound examinations.

 *Samples can be fresh, frozen or preserved.
†Performance of the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test was determined by comparing test results
to those from ultrasound and palpation (N=1,315 cows). Rechecks were not included in performance
calculations. See IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test Validation Data Report for full test performance data.1
1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, ME USA.
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IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.
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Working Together to Provide the Best Service

Aguiar Milk Testing is a partnership of 2 sisters: Lucia & Cecilia Aguiar.  Our Dad tested cows for the DHIA 35 years ago, and a few years later he started his own private venture.  We were 5 & 4 years old at the time. We grew up testing cows... so when people ask how long we've been doing this, the answer is "our whole lives".  Also, we have a third key member to our team: Narciso Flores, who is married to Lucia.  He has been testing with us for over 15 years.
We have a small lab, but it's all new.  We can test for percentage of butterfat, protein, lactose, solids, MUN & somatic cell count! New in 2015, we have added milk pregnancy testing and bacteria counts.  We are always looking to improve our offerings, and service is a top priority!
We use primarily Tru-test meters.  Most of our staff is DHIA certified. We test dairy herds from 200 cows to 20,000 cows... no exaggeration! :)
So when we say "no job too big or small"- We mean it!
We take great pride in our work and in the results we provide. 

About Aguiar Milk Testing

Providing dairy owners with milk testing services

for 2 generations!

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